Animation, installation 3’16”
The Spectators is an installation and animation featuring the Slingertuin, a care farm where animals play a role in the healing of people. This farm, like many others in the province of Groningen, has been damaged by earthquakes, caused by decades of gas mining. While filming the animals, I noticed one inquisitive guineafowl was keeping an eye on me and Niels, the goose, shimmied and screeched at me regularly. They reminded me that I am also a predator and an intruder along with an artist, human etc.

I was invited by Museum Villa Mondriaan to respond to one of Piet Mondriaan’s early paintings, Boerderij 1895. The work was part of the exhibition Jong en Veelbelovend at Museum Villa Mondriaan in Winterswijk in 2021.